Burglary cut by a third

A crackdown on prolific burglars in the run-up to Christmas saw the number of offences in Leeds cut by nearly a third.

West Yorkshire Police reported that the number of house burglaries were down to 511 compared to 744 for December the previous year.

Chief Superintendent Dave Oldroyd, Divisional Commander for North West Leeds and the lead officer for the district on burglary, said: “The trauma of having your home invaded by burglars is bad enough at any time of year but particularly so at Christmas.

“To know that our co-ordinated efforts to crack down on burglary across Leeds meant 233 less families were victims of burglary in December compared to the previous year is genuinely pleasing.”

Operation Anchor saw specialist officers visit convicted burglars shortly before their release and again at the prison gates to warn them they faced a swift return to jail if they misbehaved or committed further crimes.

The teams dealt with a total of 70 burglars who were being released to addresses in Leeds in December.

Six were sent back to prison within days after intensive monitoring found them in breach of their release conditions, and four were denied release under the Home Detention Curfew Scheme.

Work by the officers also revealed that 25 of the release addresses provided by those leaving jail were unsuitable, false or had no connection to them.

Alternative addresses were found which allowed the teams to keep regular checks on them.

Intelligence gathered during the operation also saw six of the released burglars given additional conditions banning them from certain areas or from associating with other offenders.

Operation Bullseye, which was led by Leeds District Burglary Task Force, saw officers across the city targeting the trade in stolen goods with a series of co-ordinated raids on homes and business premises based on tip-offs from local residents.

A total of 12 people were arrested and officers recovered suspected stolen goods value at around £32,000 along with drugs worth £4,000.