Crime File 1-7-11

*Wetherby’s Police Chief Insp Marcus Griffiths is urging people to be extra vigilant over possessions being left in gardens over the summer, after an increase in garden thefts. more than 32 incidents have been reported over the last two months. He said: “I would encourage people who leave things in their garden such as garden furniture and barbecue equipment or anything valuable to store them away and make sure that it is not in view. We have seen an increase in thefts from gardens recently and we encourage everyone to be extra vigilant and report any suspicious activity. We would ask members of the public to ask and question people if they are not aware of any building work in the area.”

The appeal follows a number of incidents at the weekend when three bikes were stolen from the front garden of a house on Taylor Lane, Barwick-in-Elmet between 9 and 9.30pm last Friday. One of the bikes was later found dumped nearby, however two are still missing. The two missing bikes are described as mountain bikes, one black and one pink and white.

*A 36-year-old Wetherby woman was fined by police after being arrested for being drunk and disorderly on the High Street in Wetherby last Friday evening at around 10pm. The woman, who swore at police officers and whose speech was slurred, was taken to Killingbeck Police Station where she was fined £80.

*Two quad bikes and gardening equipment have been stolen from East Keswick Garden Centre on Harewood Road sometime overnight between last Friday and Saturday. The bikes were taken along with six gardening tools, police said. They are appealing for anyone who may have seen the incident to contact Wetherby Police on 0113 2855374 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

A laptop and phone have been stolen after thieves entered a house on Rakehill Road in Barwick in Elmet sometime overnight between Monday and Tuesday this week. Police are appealing for any witnesses who may have seen the incident to contact them at Wetherby Police Station on 0113 2855374 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.