Council: bins will still be provided

Leeds City Council has this week stated that it will continue to replace damaged or broken bins and provide bins to new properties free of charge.

A spokesman said residents already have one bin provided for each of the services they receive.

“If a householder requests an additional green or black bin, this will only be provided if residents meet certain criteria, for example, if they are a large family.

“It would undermine everyone’s efforts to reduce waste and recycle more if the council were to simply deliver extra bins on demand.”

The statement followed claims on social media and Coun Mark Dobson, executive member for the environment, said: “We are not and have no plans to charge for bins. People have taken to social media today to express their anger and concern about this myth and other issues, like missed or heavy bins.

“I can offer a complete reassurance that replacement bins are still being provided at no charge and if people meet certain criteria we are providing additional bins, again at no cost to residents.

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