Council backing for area’s community volunteer projects

Local councillors have been praised for their ongoing efforts to deliver community projects in and around the Wetherby area.

Ward councillors were given the praise by the North East Area Committee chairman after a range of successful projects including Barleyfields Radio youth programme and a noise abatement scheme.

The North East Area Committee - which is made of nine ward councillors from Harewood, Alwoodley and Wetherby - has a ring fenced budget which allows council money to be spent at a local level on community projects.

Gerald Wilkinson, (Cons, Wetherby) the chairman of the North East Area Outer Committee, said: “As a local area committee we are like a “mini-council” for the people of Alwoodley, Harewood and Wetherby and we are always looking at ways we can improve our communities and provide a boost where needed to valuable projects.

“So far we have invested in some great projects and I am sure this will continue as the year goes on.

“Not only is it a pleasure to invest in local schemes it is also good to see the range of activities that voluntary organisation get up to in outer North East Leeds.

“Whether it is helping out the voluntary neighbourhood networks like WISE and MAEcare who provide a wonderful service for older people in our community, or providing a boost to local radio stations through investment in the Barelyfields Radio Scheme, all of our grants are aimed at one thing - improving the lives of residents in this diverse part of the world.”

The £1,000 Barelyfields Radio Project aims to create a new youth development project.

The station has been working with the city council’s youth services providing opportunities to young people in Barleyfields youth club every week since 2008.