Concerns voiced on roundabout

A former police officer has questioned the safety of a mini roundabout installed near the new Aldi store in Wetherby.

Thursday, 20th July 2017, 9:45 am
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:13 pm
Artist's impression of the proposed Aldi store for Wetherby. (S)

Within days of the new feature being created on Deighton Road with the junction of Sandbeck Lane, Mr Mo Gother, of Temple Gardens told the Wetherby News that he saw three near misses because of a lack of signage.

The former beat bobby contacted Leeds City Council and temporary warning signs were put up the following day by contractors working for Aldi.

But Mr Gother added: “There are two temporary signs in place warning of changed priorities but it is still new and people are still shooting across it.

“It is also at a bit of an angle which is making it worse.”

He added: “Before the signs went up I saw two incidents one day and the following morning a car had to mount the kerb to avoid being hit but there were kids about going to school.

“Someone is going to get seriously hurt.”

He added: “Locals are not expecting it but the biggest problem is for drivers leaving Wetherby.

“They will think they have got right of way, like they used to, because they won’t know until they are in the middle of it.”

“And fellow Wetherby resident Chris McIntosh also voiced concerns about the roundabout.

“Whilst intended as a traffic calming measure, I believe the layout of the new roundabout is poorly designed.

“The position of the roundabout on the road surface means that traffic from Sandbeck Lane cannot see vehicles approaching, particularly from the right.

“In my view the extension of the kerb on the northbound side of Deighton Road was unnecessary and has worsened the issue.”

He added that he was aware of a collision at the roundabout.

“After completion, there were no formal advance signs in position and now only temporary signs are in place, probably following the collision that I am aware of. There may be more.

“This layout needs urgent review and improvement to avoid further avoidable incidents.”

A Leeds City Council spokesman said its officials contacted the contractor working for Aldi to put up temporary signs, within hours of receiving complaints.

“We are aware of concerns which have been raised regarding signage at a new mini roundabout at the Deighton Road/Sandbeck Lane junction,” said the council spokesman.

“In response, we have contacted the contractor responsible for the construction of the roundabout as part of the required highway works, to request that temporary warning signs be put in place as soon as possible until the permanent signage is installed.”

The spokesman confirmed that the construction of the mini roundabout was part of the highway works associated with the planning approval for the site.

And they added that the installation of required signage is the responsibility of the developer’s contractor.