Concern over second Scarcroft housing plan

A PUBLIC meeting in Scarcroft has heard concerns over plans for a second new housing development in the village.

Outlying proposals for 14 homes on a field off the A58 near Scarcroft Village Hall have sparked fears over increased traffic and an infringement into green belt land.

It is also understood that the Forestry Commission is looking into claims that some trees at the site were felled before planning permission was initially sought.

Ward councillor Rachael Procter (cons, Harewood) took questions at the meeting, with concerns ranging from tree protection, increased traffic and environmental impacts.

There was also discussion about whether access to the proposed site should be directly off the A58, or routed down Thorner Lane and through The Meadow.

Fellow ward councillor Matthew Robinson (cons, Harewood) said he felt sympathy for local residents, adding that they often feel powerless against large development companies.

“It does seem sometimes that the rules are weighted in favour of developers,” Coun Robinson said. “If the developers lose their planning application they have a right to appeal. If the residents lose their battle, they don’t.

“Most of the people at the meeting, and I’d say there were about 60 residents there, wanted to have their say on the traffic issues, whether it would infringe onto green belt, the environmental impact on trees and whether the houses would overlook people’s property.”

The site of the proposed development would sit behind a field skirting the A58 just between the village hall and New Inn pub. It would not encroach onto the field immediately next to the main road.

The plans follow a controversial decision to allow a similar development on land known locally as Mickey’s Field, off Syke Lane, in the face of huge local opposition.

“This would be the second development of this nature in Scarcroft and its important that people aren’t just allowed to cram homes in, build as many as possible and turn as big a profit as they can.

“We have to make sure that Scarcroft remains a desirable place to live. Any developments must be in keeping with the village character.”

l WHAT do you think? Are these plans bad for Scarcroft, or do we need to build more homes in the district?

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