Community campaigns for crossing on nightmare road in Boston Spa

Jennifer Kerr with her son, Cameron, and fellow residents next to the busy road near The Deepdale Community Centre.
Jennifer Kerr with her son, Cameron, and fellow residents next to the busy road near The Deepdale Community Centre.

The people of Deepdale in Boston spa have called on Leeds City Council (LCC) to provide a crossing on a busy road which divides them from a number of key children’s facilities.

More than 160 residents have added their signatures to a letter calling for a light controlled crossing on High Street - just off the A1M.

Resident of Hayfield Avenue and parent at Primrose Lane Primary School, Jennifer Kerr, kickstarted the campaign by drafting the letter to LCC highways department.

She said: “As you come into Boston Spa from the A1 M junction you have a little bit where it turns to 40mph, then very quickly it becomes 30mph but a significant amount of people don’t slow down.

“They get to that junction where the children cross and some children do cross independently and they are bombing past at 40mph.

“You look both ways and you think you have an opportunity so you step out and somebody comes past and you have to jump back.

“I have had to jump out of the way of cars two or three times in the time that I have lived here.”

The heavily residential area has two primary schools and children’s centres as well as a community centre and a play park.

But the lack of sufficient crossing points on High Street can leave people waiting 15 minutes for an opportunity to cross over and access these,

Over the last few years, residents have noticed an increase in the volume of traffic, but Jennifer said the thing that really annoys her is the speed of traffic.

Mrs Kerr said: “On one occasion a car was turning to go left to go into the Deepdale centre and a car came flying round the bend and had to swerve onto the pavement just to avoid hitting the other car.”

After drafting the letter, Jennifer posted it around the local area and in the play park inviting people to sign it showing their support.

Immediately the letter was inundated with roughly 20 people putting their name to it every half an hour.

The campaign has also received support from the local police officer who has offered to run a speed check exercise for primary school children.

But now the letter has been finalised and sent to the council, who have said they are happy to investigate potential safety measures.

A spokesman for LCC said: “Previous surveys carried out by the council have found that the pedestrian crossing numbers in this area of Boston Spa are low.

“However, we are happy to hear from the local community and if required, look again at any measures which could be introduced to help pedestrians in the area as part of our annual review.”