Channel 4's First Dates restaurant welcomes Harrogate girl

Dean and Kate on First Dates
Dean and Kate on First Dates

Blind dates are terrifying enough, but for one former St Aidan’s sixth-former, hers was made even more nerve-racking as millions watched it unfold on TV.

That’s because in episode 11 of Channel 4’s hugely popular reality dating show, Harrogate born Kate Cleal-Childs walked through the doors into the First Dates restaurant.

The nation watched on as Kate was paired with Dean, who was searching for a woman ‘kissed by fire’ with the two hitting it off and eventually settling on a second date.

Dean wasn’t the only one who was taken by Kate during the date as Twitter turned into an outpouring of love for the 24-year-old estate agent.

Despite the overwhelmingly positive reaction, Kate, who now lives in London, admitted that she cried when she watched the episode back, worried by what people made of her.

She said: “I had no idea what people would think of me but then I kept reading the lovely messages on Twitter and people were even stopping me in the street saying they loved me on the show.

“That was fantastic because, when I watched it back, I knew that I was completely myself so it was great people responded well.

“I wasn’t nervous at all during the date. It just felt like a normal date. It was the first blind date I’ve ever been on and I had absolutely no idea what he was going to look like.

“They say that they pair you with someone that they think you will like. So it’s really interesting to think that there’s obviously a reason why you’ve been together but we definitely found that common ground.”