Changes to be made to Spofforth Hill plans

Developers of the Spofforth Hill site announced this week that there would be more information made available to the public about the application.

Bellway Homes, who submitted the application for around 400 houses in June last year before reducing the number down to around 325, said they are preparing information in response to concerns raised during consideration and confirmed that there will be further public consultation after the information is submitted to Leeds City Council.

Though they would not confirm the nature of any amendments, the group protesting against the plans said they wouldn’t accept them, regardless of any alterations made.

Campaigning against the proposed development, Jim Walton said: “The primary objection was that it is agricultural land and that will always be a major obstacle.

“The only thing I can think of is an overall reduction of the amount of houses, but even if they only used a part of that 15 hectares it just leaves the thing open to additional building in the future.

“In essence, whatever it is there is no way in which, as far as we are concerned, it can ever be a sustainable application.”