Cat lover issues warning after pet is poisoned

NAWN 1504211AM1 Barbara Hubbard with Oscar. Picture : Adrian Murray.  (1504211AM1)
NAWN 1504211AM1 Barbara Hubbard with Oscar. Picture : Adrian Murray. (1504211AM1)

Cat lover Barbara Hubbard is warning other feline owners to be on their guard after seven pets have gone missing or been poisoned in her village.

Barbara, of Lyndon Avenue, Bramham, said her eight-year-old pet cat Oliver died after ingesting antifreeze.

“He went missing a few weeks ago,” said the Boston Spa-based interior design shop worker.

“He came home late at night and he tried to be sick but he brought up bile.

“The following morning he was very disorientated and my daughter (Charlotte) took him to the vets.

“They tested his blood and said it was antifreeze.”

Best efforts by the vets failed, explained Barbara who then faced a tough decision.

“Oliver was in the vets three to four days and was on a drip but in the end they said he had got so many toxins in his body that he could not be saved.

“They said he had not got much hope of surviving so we had him put to sleep.

“It is very upsetting because he had been a perfectly healthy cat.

“We just have his brother Oscar who I am keeping inside but Oliver loved to wander away from home.”

She said on speaking to other people in the village she learned of another cat that had been poisoned but most of the cats had gone missing from the centre of the village.

“People in the village are now having to keep their cats indoors,” added Barbara who said she had reported the incident to the police.

“I just want other cat owners to be aware of the problem.