Care for Tad’ elderly will go on - pledge

SELBY District Council has agreed to continue to support the most vulnerable residents to keep their homes safe and sound.

Despite the financial pressures it faces, with a significant reduction in central Government funding, Selby District Council will continue to offer emergency support for repairs and maintenance for those most in need.

At the Council’s Executive meeting it was agreed that the Council would focus grants on supporting the elderly and vulnerable who may not have access to the necessary resources to keep their homes in good repair.

The Council will offer support through a mix of advice and financial assistance to those most in need by:

Providing information to owners, landlords and tenants regarding legal rights and responsibilities and home maintenance issues;

Giving advice about how to access sources of finance;

Supporting the Hotspots referral scheme which seeks to boost energy efficiency, reduce fuel poverty and improve fire safety; and

Providing help and advice to bring empty properties back into use for vulnerable households, particularly homeless families.