Cannabis factory found in Barwick in Elmet

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Police are investigating the alleged production of cannabis in Barwick in Elmet.

Officers from the Leeds Outer team confirmed that they were in the village at a suspected canabis farm on Tuesday evening.

And in a Facebook message they assured residents that there was nothing to be concerned about.

They asked for information to police on phone 101.

Other crimes reported to the Leeds Outer policing team during the last week include the following:

Burglary dwelling - Rakehill Road, Scholes; criminal damage - Woodacre Green, Bardsey; theft from a motor vehicle - Upper Langwith, Collingham; burglary dwelling - The Avenue, Scholes; burglary other - Chapel Lane, Barwick; theft other - Gascoigne Court, Barwick; theft from motorvehicle - Rakehill Road, Scholes; burglary other - Nook Road, Scholes; burglary other - Cricket ground, East Keswick; theft- Crossley Street, Wetherby; theft from motorvehicle - Linton Road, Wetherby; theft from dwelling - Bolton way, Boston Spa; theft from shop on three separate occations - Co-op Ainsty Road, Wetherby; theft from shop - Morrison’s, Wetherby; theft other - Ainsty Crescent, Wetherby; criminal damage - Sandringham Road, Wetherby.