Campaign for a life changing operation

Christopher Maltby
Christopher Maltby

A FUNDRAISING campaign begins this weekend to raise £50,000 for a life changing operation for little Christopher Maltby. Family and friends of six -year-old Christopher start the ball rolling tomorrow on their journey to raise £50,000 to send Christopher to America.

Christopher, a six-year-old pupil at St Robert’s school in Harrogate was born 12 weeks prematurely with Spastic Deplegia Cerebral Palsy. This affects many aspects of his day to day life and makes basic tasks such as sitting normally, walking and writing very difficult. After exhausting treatment options available in this country, Christopher’s parents, Steve and Fiona, have turned to an American doctor to help Christopher lead a normal life.

They need to raise £50,000 to send Christopher to see Dr Park at St Louis Children’s Hospital who leads the field in treating children with Cerebral Palsy. After reviewing Christopher’s case Dr Park has recommended that Christopher has the surgery as it will permanently reduce the spasticity in his legs and enable him to lead a more ordinary life - much the same as his twin brother David.

For more information visit Christopher’s family and friends at their stall selling home made cup cakes in the Valley Gardens tomorrow, or online at