Call for public to have say on cemetery housing plan

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Work is due to commence on a new five acre cemetery on the open ground at the end of Thorner Lane, near the junction with the A64 York Road.

Leeds City Council is consulting about the cemetery, and the future use of the rest of the 104 acre site. Proposals currently include the relocation of the Leeds CIty Council facility at Redhall, including the nursery, waste re-cycling plant and sports pitches.

Leeds City Council Officers will attend a meeting to at the Victory Hall, Carr Lane, Thorner, on Wednesday, at 6.30pm.

They will be there to:

l Explain the consultation process, what is being consulted on, and what the outcome will be.

l To explain the details of the cemetery proposals.

l To explain Leeds City Council’s proposals for the rest of the site.

Steven Wood, clerk to Thorner Parish Council, said: “The Council has recently agreed to release all Phase II and Phase III sites for development. Even with these sites (which include Grimes Dyke and the East Leeds Extension) Leeds may still not be able to demonstrate a sufficient land supply, and it is possible additional sites will have to be made available including PAS land (Protected Area of Search) and even sites in the current Green Belt.

“Leeds City Council currently estimates ‘build -out’ rates for Grimes Dyke and the East Leeds Extension, at 370 dwellings per annum between 2016 and 2020, increasing to 390 units per annum from 2021until 2025, after which it reduces to 340 unist each year until completion in 2035

“The current consultation therefore could have significant consequences.”

The meeting on Wednesday is a public meeting and residents are being encouraged to attend. There will be an opportunity for people to ask questions, and to respond to the consultation.

Mr Wood said: “We are hoping for a good turnout of residents. Please attend and show your support for the village.”

l The consultation document is available from Leeds City Council, and is also available on the Thorner Parish Council web site,