Busy Long Marston pupils get close to nature

TV presenter Dallas Campbell and Long Marston pupils look for bees in the lavendar. (S)
TV presenter Dallas Campbell and Long Marston pupils look for bees in the lavendar. (S)

Children at Long Marston Primary were urged to embrace the great outdoors in a national bid to encourage a healthier lifestyle.

Pupils were introduced to the Big Bumblebee Discovery and had a little celebrity encouragement from science broadcaster and TV presenter Dallas Campbell.

The campaign ambassador said: “It’s clear that kids need a bit of encouragement when it comes to learning about nature and making the most of the great outdoors. “The ‘Big Bumblebee Discovery’ is the perfect summer activity to help them do both.

“It not only gives kids a unique and exciting opportunity to get involved in a real-life outdoor science experiment, but they can do this with friends and family, whilst enjoying the sunshine in their back garden or local park.”

The Big Bumblebee Discovery is part of the five-year Great EDF Energy Experiment to challenge over 100,000 children to think differently about science.

And it will seek to recruit youngsters to act as scientific researcher this summer by counting the different types of bumblebees they spot in their garden, school playground or local park.

The results will be used by scientific researchers from the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology to explore whether the diversity of bumblebees is affected by their surroundings.

Katherine Mathieson, Director of Programmes at the British Science Association said: “We know that getting kids inspired in science at a young age is really important and the summer holidays are a great time to get involved.”

Sign up www.beediscovery.org.