Taking inspiration from across the Atlantic

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AN INTERIOR deisgner who has launched a new company says the key to unlocking the door to a potential house sale lies in an american technique called ‘staging’.

Sue Walker has returned to her Yorkshire roots to launch her business, Elegant Interiors, after working in the USA, Canada and elsewhere in the UK, and is now hoping to introduce homeowners to some of the developments in interior design that she’s experienced on the other side of the Atlantic.

One such trend, which is well established overseas, is the art of ‘staging’ or ‘dressing’ a home to give it maximum appeal to potential buyers, involving the decluttering, redecoration and dressing of houses ready for viewing.

Sue, who has more than 20 years’ experience in interior design, said: “Interior designs and fashions are constantly evolving and after 20 years in the business I have seen a lot trends come and go, but home staging is something that is now a recognised way of securing a successful home sale in the US and it really does work. I have sold every one of my houses by staging them.

“It’s beyond decorating and cleaning. It’s about creating the right environment for buyers.”

Elegant Interiors is a full service interior design business with studios in the centre of Harrogate. In addition to home staging services, the company provides the full range of design services including furnishings, window treatments, colour consultations, space planning, furniture placement and lighting.