Skype’s the limit for 90-year-old Esther!

A TADCASTER woman who was born in the Roaring ’20s, has vivid memories of Black Tuesday and remembers the invention of the first mechanical television has embraced some very modern technology.

Popple Well Springs resident, 90-year-old Esther Blackhouse, was joined by Age UK National Internet Champion Margaret Goodwin for an internet masterclass which included a whole host of top tips including an introduction to Skype, television streaming and some money saving tips.

Esther said: “I really enjoyed speaking to my daughter on Skype in Montana, USA.

“Afterwards Margaret even showed me how to watch my favourite period dramas on my lap top.”

The masterclass comes after the launch of the Tunstall Suite, a dedicated room where residents can go to use the internet for free.

Mrs Goodwin said: “Esther took to Skype like a duck to water.”

“Being on a pensioner’s income can mean a huge financial adjustment. You need all of the bargains you can get and the internet is the best place to find them.”