Rise in council budget backed

1st March  2012.'Wetherby/Collingham Profile.'Pictured Wetherby Town Hall'Picture by Gerard Binks.
1st March 2012.'Wetherby/Collingham Profile.'Pictured Wetherby Town Hall'Picture by Gerard Binks.

Wetherby Town Hall.

The council has requested a ‘modest’ increase in the precept of £14,702 which will take the total Town Council budget to £270,150, equating to an increase of £1.08 for an average Band D property.

Speaking on behalf of the ruling Conservative group, Town Mayor Galan Moss welcomed the unanimous support of for the budget proposals.

“As Conservative Town Councillors we never lose site of the fact that our first duty is to fulfil the responsibilities of Wetherby Town Council at the best possible value for money to Wetherby taxpayers,” said Coun Moss.

“It is their money they entrust to us and our job to do the best we possibly can to deliver for our wonderful town.

“We have strived to freeze the precept wherever we can over the years and keep increases to the absolute minimum when they are required.

“We feel we really have delivered exceptional value this year, you only have to look at the improvements we’ve made to the playgrounds in the town this year, of which I’m particularly proud, to see the things we can achieve by our strong approach to managing the council’s finances.”

Deputy Mayor of Wetherby, Coun Neil O’Byrne added: “We are very thankful to our fantastic team of staff who work with us to bring our plans to life. The town council budget enables us to look after many the town’s parks & greenspaces, manage the cemetery, The Town Hall and other community assets, support some of our fantastic groups such as Wetherby in Bloom and The Bandstand Trust to name but a few.“

Coun O’Byrne added: “This year we are working with and supporting the newly formed Better Wetherby Partnership and through Welcome to Wetherby, which is a sub committee of our Town Council, we will continue to promote our town as a tourist destination and look to take maximum advantage of events such as the World Cycling Championships in the autumn where our fantastic town will play a significant role.

“We can only do all of this and much more because we have managed Wetherby rate payer’s money extremely prudently and we will continue to do so.”