Newly resurfaced Harrogate back road is 'a waste of tax payer money'

Local resident, Elizabeth Keeler, on the newly tarmacked road that "leads to nowhere".
Local resident, Elizabeth Keeler, on the newly tarmacked road that "leads to nowhere".

Residents have called a decision to resurface a dead-end back road in Harrogate ‘a disgrace’ and a ‘waste of taxpayer money’.

Homeowners on Studley Road and Alexandra Road in Harrogate have been calling for repairs to be made to potholes on their streets for months.

But now the residents have expressed outrage after a back road just off Studley Road has been resurfaced for the second time in two years.

Studley Road resident, Guy Thompson, said: “We think it’s a disgrace. It’s a dead end road that leads to nowhere. They resurfaced it only last year, repainted all the white and yellow lines - now they have completely re-curbed it all as well.

“It must be costing at least £150,000. All of us are mystified as to why they are doing this back road. Studley Road and Alexandra Road are full of potholes. It’s an absolute waste of taxpayer money, especially when they did it last year.”

Mr Thomspon’s neighbour, David Austin-Jones, said North Yorkshire County Council were aware that the roads were in a state of ‘disarray’ but nothing has been done.

He said: “Hardly anybody goes up and down it, it’s a dead end, it leads to nowhere. They are fully aware that Studley Road and Alexandra Road are in a state of disarray.

“Like everywhere else in Harrogate there are a lot of road that need resurfacing but Alexandra and Studley Road are really very bad.”

Studley Road resident, Elizabeth Keeler said of the resurfaced back road: “I’ve never seen such a fantastic road in all my life.

She added: “My feeling is that they have done the wrong road.”

NYCC’s Executive Member for Highways, Councillor Don Mackenzie defended the decision stating that Studley Road had been investigated and was not deemed to need repairs.

He said: “While back or service roads are of lesser significance than the highway, they are maintainable by the Council and need to be kept in a condition where they may be used by local residents, service vehicles and others.

“Studley Back Road was in need of structural repairs and needed to be reinstated.

“As far as the condition of Studley Road itself is concerned, this has been inspected and found not to need repairs at this time. It will be reassessed and action taken as necessary.”