Mini-roundabout that is causing some confusion

Speed cameras in Blackpool.'Preston New Road near Clifton Avenue
Speed cameras in Blackpool.'Preston New Road near Clifton Avenue

By Roger Bealey,

Our Wetherby columnist

Did you know that the speed cameras are now active again and photographing miscreants as they speed through Walton?

There was talk about it in the Old Men’s Parliament. Some poor individual was reputed to have been caught speeding past them on seven occasions during one week.

The OMP’s didn’t think it fair that people working at one nearby government establishment had been warned of this whilst others hadn’t. Fair or not, I understand that by law each authority has to have a website detailing not only where the fixed cameras are, but also which cameras are working, and which aren’t. It isn’t a state secret.

One of us had been caught speeding and had opted to pay to attend a speed awareness course rather than pay a fine and have three penalty points added to his licence. There was quite a mixture of people on the course which he attended and it proved quite interesting.

This option is only available for someone whose speed does not exceed 38mph in a 30mph area. The lorry driver sitting next to him on the course had got most of the speed limits wrong and that must mean something but I’m not quite sure what.

A lot of the course had centred on information given in the Highway Code and the emphatic advice given by a man who shall remain anonymous, was: “For anyone who hasn’t read the Highway Code – get one.”

During discussion it became evident that some of our knowledge of the Highway Code might have been sadly lacking and it might be a good idea to buy one and become more up-to-date with knowledge of road markings as it may save us grief in the future. I wonder what it says about mini roundabouts painted on the road.

Every week I see motorists unsure what to do whilst turning right from St James’s Street into North Street.

In trying to avoid going over the roundabout they either drive up over the curb or reverse into traffic passing behind them. If you’ve taken a slightly wrong line in going round the roundabout, I think it would be safer and more sensible to allow your wheels to pass over the white markings of the roundabout.