HIC bounces back

Tis Harrogate International Centre. 0903048a
Tis Harrogate International Centre. 0903048a

Following the success of the Stitching and Knittign Show and the Country Living Christmas Fair, Harrogate International Centre has released new figures revealing that its top ten exhibitions, conferences and corporate events have directly contributed more than £30 million to the local economy this year.

The direct local economic impact of the top ten biggest exhibitions alone topped £20 million in 2012. The largest of these were the Home and Gift Show in July, the Christmas and Gift Show in January, and the Bridal Exhibition in September.

The ten biggest conferences directly contributed £11 million to the town. Of these, the largest were Wound in November, BOPA (Oncology) in October and the Royal College of Nursing in May.

The top ten corporate events, hosted by such household names as Peugeot, Honda, Walkers and Jewsons, brought in £2.4 million to local businesses.

Occupancy rates are also looking healthy. The twin indicators of number of events and days in use both dipped markedly in 2011-12, but have bounced back again in 2012-13.

The centre has hosted more events during the current year than it did in the previous two, and so far it has been in use for 270 days of the year, which is less than its high of 288 two years ago, but bookings are still being taken.