Energy firm seeks funding for 
Kenya school shower campaign

CNG's renewables coordinator Ellis Hall is leading the Shower Up crowdfunding campaign. (S)
CNG's renewables coordinator Ellis Hall is leading the Shower Up crowdfunding campaign. (S)

Harrogate-based commercial gas specialist CNG has launched an ambitious crowdfunded renewables project to transform the lives of more than 600 children in Kenya.

“Shower Up” – a variation on the company’s “Power UP” marketing concept to empower and educate energy users – will see fully-equipped, solar-powered shower blocks made from recycled shipping containers provided for Turasha School in Kenya.

Turasha Boarding School houses over 600 pupils and some of its facilities – especially the shower blocks – are at breaking point. Despite 12 hours of sunshine a day, the mornings are cold and this lack of basic facilities means many opt either not to shower or brave the cold to do so, posing a variety of health and hygiene issues.

Having already started work on a solar powered shipping container solution for a pioneering eco-school in the UK, a chance conversation put CNG’s renewables co-ordinator, Ellis Hall, in touch with Will Ellis, a consultant who specialises in linking businesses with “in-need” projects in Africa. Mr Ellis, who has more than a decade of experience delivering charitable projects and working with schools, was able to link CNG with Turasha, a perfect fit for the solar school idea.

The two have already been to Kenya to source local suppliers and contractors to help bring this project to life. The idea being that the project benefits the school, but also the local economy. CNG will provide all of the solar technology to the project.

Mr Hall said: “We’ve put in a lot of time to get the project off the ground. We feel very passionately that this is a perfect use of our renewables expertise and links directly with the work we are already doing here in the UK. Now all we need is the support of of fellow colleagues, partners, friends and businesses to get it over the line.

“Shower Up benefits pupils in Kenya, but it also helps us educate young people in the UK on the direct impact of renewables, in a tangible way. We all have a role to play in understanding and using energy more responsibly.”

The Shower Up campaign is already live. More information can be found, and pledges made, at