Do you think Wetherby needs more parking spaces - vote here

NAWN 1202074. Wetherby parking vox pop. Wilderness car park. (1202074AM8)
NAWN 1202074. Wetherby parking vox pop. Wilderness car park. (1202074AM8)

AS Wetherby traders have called for action to solve “nightmare” parking problems the Wetherby News is asking you to vote whether you think Wetherby needs more parking spaces or not - vote on the right of this story.

They say lack of parking spaces are costing them money by putting people off shopping in the town.

Elaine Mills, who owns Nicolla Florist in Wetherby, said: “Parking and lack of parking is a problem here and has been for a long time, I have worked here for 20 years and the issues do not seem to have been resolved.

“More parking would bring more customers and would therefore bring more trade to the town. We have a parking restriction yellow line outside our shop but it would help if customers could park there as they could then pick up flowers and go straightaway using it as a drop off point.”

Resident Karen Milner, a shop assistant at Wetherby’s M and Co, is often given a lift to work as she cannot find a car parking space in town.

She said: “We have customers in the shop constantly telling us they have to leave straight away as they are worried that there parking has run out.

“Outside here it is restricted parking for one hour, and I don’t think that is enough, who manages to do all their shopping in one hour?”

Parking in Wetherby is currently free at the Wilderness Riverside car park, with free restricted parking at Crossley Street, St James Street and the Horsefair Centre.

The criticism follows Wetherby ward councillor Gerald Wilkinson’s pledge to end the lack of long-stay car parking in Wetherby, which he says is a “major issue”.

“I personally have never had a problem parking in Wetherby when it is under two hours,” he said.

“The problem we need to address is long-stay parking. What I would like to do, and what we are hoping to do, is to turn the Wilderness car park into restricted four hour car parking only, as opposed to all day, and then provide a free car park elsewhere in the town for workers long stay parking.”

Coun Wilkinson said current parking plans were on hold due to the “supermarket situation” in Wetherby but that ward members were looking into a number of suitable sites for a free, all day car park in the town.

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