Burglars bypass security alarms

WETHERBY Police have revealed that burglars in the area are bypassing alarm systems by breaking in through upstairs windows.

They are targeting the upper floors of houses to avoid setting off ground-floor alarm systems.

Now police are warning residents to check their alarm systems are set to cover the upstairs of their homes.

On Saturday, March 3, intruders entered a house through an insecure first-floor window after climbing onto a porch at a house in Scarcroft while the owners were out.

More than £2,000 of jewellery and computer equipment was stolen from the house by thieves who stuffed the items into pillow cases.

Sgt Stuart Mason, of Wetherby Police, said: “We have noticed a trend recently that we saw around 18 months ago with burglars getting into houses on the first or upper-floor windows, sometimes using ladders and avoiding alarm systems, as 99 per cent of alarms in houses are only set downstairs.

“We are encouraging people to take the opportunity to check their burglar alarm systems, and then review what security they do have.

“We would also encourage windows and doors to be locked, ideally both, at all times.”

And he warned: “As we are coming into the summer months now we would especially like to encourage people to be extra vigilant about their security.”