Boston Spa organist retires

Boston Spa Methodist Church is losing one of its greatest assets. Jackie Faulkner, who has been the organist at Boston for the last twelve years is retiring at the end of August. Jackie has been making music at the church for 47 years. In 1964 when she and her husband Dr. Arthur Faulkner, moved to Boston Spa, Jackie joined the choir, taking on the role of choir mistress in 1968. The choir sang anything and everything from oratorios to Gilbert and Sullivan. They would often be joined in performance by singers from other church choirs, so Jackie would be leading 80 or so singers as they performed at venues around the area. For many years Jackie was the assistant organist, assuming the role of principal organist in 1999. The role of church organist is a vital one and Jackie’s contribution to this ministry cannot be underestimated. She continues in other mission roles within the church, not least in helping to provide lunches for the popular lunchtime concerts.

Music for Methodists has always been an important part not just of worship, but of communicating their theology. Indeed visiting organists love to take the opportunity to play the famed Harrison organ. The church is now actively looking for a replacement organist and would welcome expressions of interest.