Boston Spa neighbouhood plan to shape village’s future

Boston Spa. (1206122AM2)
Boston Spa. (1206122AM2)

Boston Spa’s Neighbourhood Plan for the future of the village was recently unveiled to residents.

The policies resulted from consultation and research and were explained in detail by the topic group heads.

Geoff Shaw, the chairman of the Steering Group, said the group can now move to finalise the plan, which is designed to coincide with the Leeds Core Strategy.

“This is expected to be approved by the end of 2014 and, provided the Leeds Housing Allocations follow shortly after, we should be in a position to complete the plan by the spring of 2015,” said Geoff.

“Following the required procedures, including external examination, we expect to hold a village referendum to approve the plan in mid year 2015.”

He added: “The benefits of engaging with the residents in forming the plan is already being felt with the parish council embarking on a number of initiatives benefitting the village such as improvements to Stables Lane playing fields and a welcome pack to new residents.”

Policies included new housing, housing design and village heritage, traffic and getting about, the protection of the environment, public amenity space, creating a friendly village centre.

Nearly 300 people attended the exhibitions which were also an opportunity to view and discuss the findings of the report by ARUP into hydro power at the weir on the River Wharfe.

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