Borough leader speaks up for constituents

The site of the proposed incinerator
The site of the proposed incinerator

The new leader of Harrogate Borough Council says his ward constituents have three major concerns about the planned Allerton waste park.

Speaking to this newspaper about its ongoing ‘Waste of Money’ campaign, Coun Anthony Alton stressed he was discussing the £900m proposals in his capacity as ward councillor for Claro rather than his role as borough leader.

“The costs for PFI (private finance initiative) contracts don’t stack up – I think that’s one of the main worries for the parishes I represent,” said Coun Alton, whose ward includes the villages of Marton cum Grafton, the Dunsforths, Arkendale and Coneysthorpe.

“Our children will be paying for this and it’s going to take a long time.”

Coun Alton also said people in his ward were worried about the effect on roads near the site.

“They’re concerned about traffic and the amount generated, particularly with regard to the Allerton A59 junction which is already quite difficult if you are coming off the A168 and getting on to the A59.”

The third major concern Coun Alton outlined was whether waste would have to be brought in from outside North Yorkshire to keep the plant functional in the future.

“In these days of increased recycling, is the residue waste going to be sufficient to keep such a large plant going? If you are firing a furnace you have got to have a continuous supply of material,” he said.