‘Beautiful’ homes for Linton rejected by council

The site identified in Linton for development of 10 detached executive homes. (S)
The site identified in Linton for development of 10 detached executive homes. (S)

What have been described as ‘beautiful’ executive homes planned for a Linton field have been rejected as unsustainable and out of character.

The plans for 10 detached houses, submitted to Leeds City Council (LCC) by Kebbell Developments Ltd in July 2014, were proposed for land at Northgate Lane/Tibgarth in the village of Linton.

However, the council has decided the homes would be prejudicial to the future growth of Linton and not close enough to a major settlement, and therefore cannot go ahead.

Harewood Coun Rachael Procter (Con) said: “I am delighted the plans panel refused this application.

“The council is currently entering the final stages of its site allocations plan, before the proposals go out for public consultation later this year, and as part of that plan this site has been deemed unsuitable for housing.

“It is also contrary to the council’s Core Strategy, which calls for the majority of new development across the city to be in urban areas.

“As such, this site would be totally unsuited for housing, and I am glad that this view prevailed.”

Though the developer, Nick Kebbell, said he expected this to happen, he told the Wetherby News that the next stage is an appeal, and that will be the path followed.

Mr Kebbell said: “We were not surprised and we knew it was going to be refused, but that is the strategy you have to go through with planning.

“It was regrettable, obviously we would have much preferred an approval, but I think the main point LCC feels is that it is premature but sometimes you have to put in an application to establish that for certain.

“This just means we will have to go through the next stage, which is an appeal, and possibly we will look at another scheme as well, though that wouldn’t address the prematurity issue.”

According to the planning support statement, the application site was identified in 2001 for development.

Mr Kebbell said: “We do think the council has not taken into account the need for good quality executive homes in the Leeds area as opposed to the general run of the mill development you usually get.

“Linton is absolutely the right place because that is what is there already, very beautiful homes for that part of the market. It isn’t the only place but it is one of the prime places around Leeds.”