Be bright and be seen on roads police warn cyclists

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North Yorkshire Police are urging pedestrians and cyclists to make sure they can been seen from dusk until dawn.

This warning follows a number of collisions across the force in recent months where the pedestrian’s or cyclist’s lack of visibility may have been a contributory factor in the incident.

The advice issued by the force is: wear something reflective or light coloured, always walk facing the oncoming traffic, pay attention to other road users, if you must walk along a road without a path, stick to the verge and consider carrying a torch.

Chief Inspector John Wilkinson, from the force’s Specialist Operations Command, said: “I am appealing to pedestrians and cyclists who use the roads during the hours of darkness to ask themselves before they start their journey “Can drivers see me?”.

“If they have the slightest doubt, then the chances are that motorists can’t.

“I strongly advise that they wear something light coloured or reflective and even use a torch if possible.

“It is vital that motorists can see you so they can slow down and give enough room to pass by safely.”