BBC Wildlife artist winner award for Linton woman

Dr Julie Cross with her award-winning painting.
Dr Julie Cross with her award-winning painting.

Linton resident Dr Julie Cross has been named as a category winner in the BBC Wildlife Magazine Artist of the Year 2012 competition.

Julie won in the World Mammals category with her work entitled Squaring up for a Fight, which will be in the BBC Wildlife Magazine August issue.

Judges said: “The boldness of this piece sets it apart: a dramatic scene, freely drawn and using watercolour on graph paper (mounted to show the frayed edges) – it is the work of someone willing to defy convention to get her message across.”

Julie added: “This piece was created to highlight the dire plight of the tiger. The fight is both a literal struggle between individuals and a metaphorical battle for survival of the species. I felt that the tigers ‘squaring up to each other’ should be depicted on graph paper, with its own repeated squares of differing sizes, and I used Indian ink to create a square around the two combatants to suggest symbolic protection.”