Allotment declared asset

A local allotment has been officially designated as an asset to its community.

Scholes allotments currently holds 24 plots and is highly popular, with an average waiting period of three years.

Following its designation as a community asset, should the owner seek to develop the site, the community now has the opportunity to buy the land and maintain it for community use.

Coun Ann Castle said: “Allotments are highly popular amongst our residents, and form a hub for many communities.

“This is an important decision for Scholes and I’m sure it will be welcomed by local people.”

The right to bid, introduced in September 2012, gives communities the right to identify a property or land that is of social value and gives them a fair chance to make a bid to buy it on the open market, should the owner sell.

Allotment owner Mr PG Williams has no immediate plans to develop the site.