A once in a lifetime event

wet. The new Mayor of Wetherby Councillor Cindy Bentley outside her shop Goggies on Church Street. 100602AR3pic2.
wet. The new Mayor of Wetherby Councillor Cindy Bentley outside her shop Goggies on Church Street. 100602AR3pic2.

DIAMOND Jubilee celebrations will be marked by a sparkling programme of events to involve all of the community.

Organisers this week told the Wetherby News that many aspects of the community had been working since last year to make sure the town had a weekend to remember to mark the Queen’s 60-year reign.

Chairman of the organising Jubilee Committee Cindy Bentley (pictured) said: “This is a once in a lifetime event for us here in Wetherby and we are unlikely to ever see this again.

“We have a provisional programme at the moment but we are trying to get as much for children and young people as older residents.”

When the first meeting was called to start the planning of the Jubilee events ten months ago Cindy said there was a huge response.

“At the very first meeting we had 45 people there.

“We had just absolutely everybody there, even the police.

“We have many organisations and individuals who are involved in organising the weekend of June 2 and 5.

“They are all working away behind the scenes.

“It is an honour to lead a body of volunteers who have shown so much enthusiasm as they have.”

Cindy explained that regarding the funding of the Jubilee events, the Wetherby Historical Trust has underwritten the production of a Wetherby Jubilee calendar which is on sale in local outlets.

And the proceeds from the sale will fund many of the planned events, along with sponsorship from local businesses and donations from local residents.

Should the money fall short then the Town Council would pay outstanding amounts for it to be paid back.

“Wetherby Town Council is not footing the bill,” she explained.

Among the events planned include the opening ceremony with the Wetherby High School Choir, Battle of the Bands, display of memorabilia, and Police Open Day.

Organisers aim to reflect life in Wetherby over the past 60 years but one aspect will go back further.

“The friends of Sandringham Park are looking after the decorated bike competition, which mirrors Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations held in Wetherby in 1897,” added Cindy.

The finale will be a last night of the proms and firework display in the Wilderness car park.

The jubilee committee also aim to promote the history of the town.

One of its aims of the committee is to have a lasting memory of the heritage of Wetherby installed.

“An idea from the Rotary Club was to get a coach and horses memorial errected on the entrance to the town,” added Cindy.

“We have had meetings and we have had letters of support to the idea.

“The town is half way between the old London to Edinburgh coaching route and the old A1 used to run along the high street.

“As such we wanted to have a lasting memory of the heritage of the town for generations to come.”

She said they were still in the planning stage.

And the Jubilee Committee is soon to have its own brand - a logo, designed by local schoolchildren.

Judging will shortly take place on competition entries from pupils to produce a logo that can be used by the organising committee.

And the winners will be announced at the Christmas fair on December 14 outside the town hall.

Speaking about the plans the chairman added: “The enthusiasm for the celebrations shown by everyone I speak to in the town is overwhelming.

“To my mind, it is a wonderful example of a real community acting together and I know that the end result in June 2012 will be a source of pride for all our local residents.”