Spooktacular Brexit Room Halloween fear at Stockeld Park near Wetherby

As Brexit continues to bemuse and confuse Stokeld Park near Wetherby is adding to the fright over our exit from Europe by creating its own Brexit room for a special Halloween ghoulish experience.

Thursday, 31st October 2019, 12:00 am
Halloween fight night in the Brexit Room at Stockeld Park

Brexit Room Arrives in one of Europe’s Scariest Attractions for Halloween with its very own Brexit Room to mark Britain’s scheduled but yet-again delayed departure from the EU on Halloween.

Winner of Europe’s best new scare attraction at the Scare Awards in 2017 and Finalists in 2018, the Haunted House known as The Farmhouse, is one of Stockeld Park’s key attractions for the October 31 fright night.

A genuine Victorian property with a ghostly past, the Farm House lies in a dark corner of the Stockeld Park Estate.

Estate manager at Stockeld Park, George Grant, said: “With Brexit falling on Halloween, the Farm House is a paralysis-inducing purgatory from which there is seemingly no escape. Visitors to the Farm House have had pretty extreme reactions. The smell, décor, light and surprises lying in wait are the scariest experience we’ve ever created.”

Beyond the Brexit Room is a smaller room with five doors, only one of which opens to the exit. The others contain the most alarmist Brexit scenarios on both sides of the argument, including food shortages and stockpiling, medicine shortages and emergency, migrant crisis and war in Ireland.

The fifth door, the exit, is a bit of British ‘Blitz Spirit’ persevering through whatever the outcome.

George said: “We wanted to have some fun around the horror of the Brexit purgatory. Whether you voted remain or leave, it’s been one of the most drawn-out, divisive periods in British politics; fear unites us all!”

Other freakish frights include The Shooting Dead, featuring state of the art laser weapons to take down a gang of zombies in the laser arena, and an Ice Fright disco on the ice rink brings a DJ bloodbath on the ‘decks of death’.

The Farm House is part of the Fright Nights hosted at Stockeld Park on October 29, 30 and 31 from 6pm till 10pm.

New spooktacular pumpkin picking and carving at Stockeld Park this half-term. One of the North’s most popular family attractions has also added to its attractions by creating a huge pumpkin patch for the first time this year.

The Halloween Adventure runs from October 26 to 31. To book or find out more visit www.stockeldpark.co.uk/events/season/halloween website.