Back to the park for the Ultimate experience

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A HARROGATE woman who won a trip on a rollercoaster with Frank Bruno 20 years ago has been reliving her experience.

Kirsty Laing returned to Lightwater Valley Theme Park as part of the anniversary celebrations for The Ultimate rollercoaster.

Although Kirsty, now 31, was not joined by the former boxer this year, she did take sister Sarah with her for a day out courtesy of the theme park.

General manager and director Mark Bainbridge said: “It was a fantastic weekend, and great to welcome all those competition winners and their families back to the park 20 years after The Ultimate opened.

“Everyone had a fantastic family day out – and they were thrilled to take the daunting ride on the coaster again!

“The Ultimate still remains a huge achievement of engineering and imagination even 20 years on, and Robert Staveley’s vision to construct the longest rollercoaster in the world still remains a massive draw for visitors and rollercoaster enthusiasts from around the world.”

The rollercoaster was built by teams from the park and British Rail, taking 18 months to complete before being officially opened in July 1991. It has since completed more than 200,000 laps of the 1.5mile track, carrying around 7.5million passengers.