Marathon task for distance runner

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A Scarcroft woman is about to embark on one of the toughest endurance events in the world at the age of 52.

Kate MacIntyre is to run ten consecutive marathons in ten days to raise funds for the Brathay Trust which inspires young people to achieve amazing feats.

“I didn’t start running until I was 45,” explained Kate, who admitted that she never really did much sport at school.

“A corporate lifestyle with a lot of travel meant I was very unfit and ate and drank far too much so, my New Year’s resolution for 2008 was to buy a treadmill.

“This I duly did, together with a boxed set of The West Wing. I then proceeded to run my way through it, one 45-minute episode at a time.”

In November that year the operations director with Engage Mutual in Harrogate, took part in the Leeds Abbey Dash 10k and beat her hour target by finishing in 49.56.

Biten by the running bug she went on to half marathons and even a few sprint triathlons but vowed she would never run a marathon.

But Kate she relented just a few months before her 50th birthday.

“It was the Brathay Windermere Marathon and I was completely hooked,” explained Kate who finished the event in 4.06.38.

“I loved everything about it, the friendly camaraderie of the runners at the start line, the sound of hundreds of rubber soles pounding on Tarmac, the breath-taking scenery, the cheers and support of the locals and tourists, and the wonderful feeling of achievement when I finished in 4.06.38.”

She added: “It was at this time that I first found out about the Ten in Tenners - the small group of people crazy enough to run that same gruelling marathon course round Windermere ten times in ten consecutive days,

“It never occurred to me in a million years that I might become one of them.”

With ten marathons under her running shoes, including four in four weeks, Kate, who is married to her biggest supporter Mark, signed up for her new challenge after being inspired by friend Chris Heaton who ran 30 marathons in 30 days.

“At 52, I’m the oldest woman in the group of 16 who are undertaking the challenge and the second oldest overall.

“I won’t be quick, but I am absolutely resolute in my determination to complete.”

Just returned from a 172-mile training holiday in Arizona, she is aiming to raise £15,000.

She explained her training plan: “A typical week for me would to run six days out of seven: usually four runs of around eight miles, one run of around 10-13 miles and one long run of around 15-20 miles.”

Friend Alison Mackie has organised a pasta party to take place at Bramham Village Hall on Saturday to help boost Kate’s target.

Ultra distance athlete Chris Heaton will be the after dinner speaker and youngster from Brathay will perform.

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