A Star A-Level pupils hailed by Spa school

Boston Spa Academy has hailed the achievements of its students' A level results.

Friday, 17th August 2018, 3:26 pm
Updated Friday, 17th August 2018, 3:30 pm

Principal Chris Walsh said they are immensely proud of Year 13 students who have achieved “spectacular” and “record” results.

“This was a tough year to be in Year 13, the new specifications brought an end to modular exams and course work as well as increasing the core content, but our students have excelled,” said the Principal.

“Our Average Points per entry is 38.35, up 2.8 on the outstanding 2017 results, and ‘value added’ is 0.33, up +0.13 on the excellent figure of 0.2 achieved in 2017.

“This means that Boston Spa Academy students have achieved significantly better than prior achievement predicted.”

Ewan Connell is to read history at Oxford after gaining History A*, Physics A*m, and Maths A*; Katie Midgley - Physics A* Maths A* Further Maths A* - will read Computer Science at Birmingham; Chris Oakes - Physics A* Maths A* Further Maths A - will read Mathematics at Durham.

Chelsea Atkinson gained a place at Leeds with Maths A*, Further Maths C, Chemistry C; Savannah Holden - BTEC Science Distinction, BTEC Sport Distinction*, BTEC Health and Social Care Distinction* - will read Physical Education at Edge Hill University.

Results: B Adamson hist, fren*, eng lang*; S Allanach gov pol*, hist, chem; T Allen-Simms med stud; I Amin hist, biol, chem; C Atkinson chem, maths**, fur maths; H Avis phys, maths*, chem; S Aydin gov pol*, hist, eng lit; M Baker phys, maths, chem; T Blakey geog, bus**, econ; C Clarkson med stud, bus, econ*; J Crosfill med stud, eng lang, ; R Crossley eng lit, psyc, maths; L Davy bus; C Day hist, eng lit, ext*, bus; F Downes phys, maths*, chem; E Dunlop biol*, chem*; J Dyra phot, eng lang, psyc; A Ellis phot; S Haq eng lang, ext, psyc; T Hirst gov pol*, hist*, psyc**; F Hopkins gov pol*, fren, eng lit; F Howden econ*, maths**, fur maths**; A Iveson gov pol, hist*, eng lit; J Jaskolka gov pol, hist, eng lit; D Jennings phys*, maths**, chem; H Kay geog, fren, econ; B Keighley geog, psyc, ; M Law hist*, biol, ext**, maths*; E Lees phys, maths*, chem*; M Lorryman art*, eng lit, psyc; B Lucas psyc; K Midgley phys**, maths**, fur maths**; J Mitchell maths**, fur maths; C Oakes phys**, maths**, fur maths*; M Rogers art, phot; B Schur pe**; H Sharpe biol*, maths*, chem*; T Smith geog, econ, maths**; B Thompson biol, econ, maths; H Waite gov pol, hist, psyc; R Waite-Hudson geog, phys, maths; A Williams geog*, biol*, maths*;