Pupils donated old school shoes

Youngsters at Harewood Primary ended the school year by taking off their shoes and leaving them on their desks.

Friday, 3rd August 2018, 4:13 pm
NAWN 1807244AM1 Harewood Primary School shoe donation. Some of the pupils from Harewood Primary School who donated their shoes. (1807244AM1)

The act wasn’t one of protest but of support for children in Third World countries who often do not have shoes to walk to school in, through the charity Sal’s Shoes.

Emma Bennett, who co-ordinated the donation of the old school shoes, said: “I came across the charity after a friend of mine who lives in the North East of England got her child’s primary school involved.

“I discussed it with our Head, Emma Wraighte, and we decided that it would be a lovely and worthwhile charity to be involved in to enable the children at the school to have awareness of the situation lives of other children around the world who are not as lucky as we all are.”