Friends launch eco shop

Business partners have said they have had a fantastic response from Wetherby since starting their pop up shop in the town’s Thursday market.

Tuesday, 5th January 2021, 2:06 pm
Updated Tuesday, 5th January 2021, 2:32 pm

Friends Clare Sutton and Nic Garvey started Original Way, selling eco-friendly, sustainable and plastic free household and beauty products, last October.

“We came together when we were discussing the impact that today’s consumerism is having on our planet; that and our mutual love of gin,” said Clare.

“We only started our business in October 2020 and have had a fantastic response from the community in Wetherby.”

Looking to building on their initial success, Clare added: “We are excited to start the New Year and bring a whole host and of new products to local community, helping all to move towards a more eco-conscious lifestyle.”

The new company stocks products from cotton buds and bees walk balms to greetings cards and vegan artisan soaps.

“We only sell products sourced from sustainable, ethical, small and independent businesses across the UK.

“We want to help our local communities to make small changes in their lifestyle to support a healthier planet.”

Clare added: “Focusing on a positive future for our planet, we have looked to the past.

“Food was displayed loose on shelves with minimal packaging and household products were free from layers of plastic.

“Products weren’t stacked full of unnatural ingredients and things were made from sustainable resources, and we would like to get back to that Original Way.

“We believe that if people make a gradual return to these simple and original ways, then it can only benefit our local community and overall planet health.”

As well as the market stall at Wetherby the mums have launched a website to trade from and post blogs and use social media to promote their business.

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