YOUR SAY: Readers respond to Wetherby mayor’s call for HGV ban

NAWN 1409084AM1 Mayor with road signs.  The Mayor of Wetherby Cllr. Harry Chapman with the new confusing signs.(1409084AM1)
NAWN 1409084AM1 Mayor with road signs. The Mayor of Wetherby Cllr. Harry Chapman with the new confusing signs.(1409084AM1)

Calls for a ban on heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) driving through the town have sparked a big response from Wetherby News readers.

The Mayor of Wetherby Coun Harry Chapman said last week that HGVs should be banned from driving through the town as it causes disruption for residents and makes no sense to go through Wetherby’s narrow streets and not the ring road.

Readers of the Wetherby News have responded. Some have given messages of support for HGV drivers, while others have agreed with the mayor and called for greater care where people live.

Wetherby social club secretary Lindsay Aitken said: “It appears people are quite willing to have the convenience of groceries delivered to their door and they hope to be able to walk into a bar and order their usual drink without having to question how it gets there but don’t want the inconvenience of how it actually gets there in the first place.

“A blanket ban would cause all sorts of problems for many business in Wetherby.

“As a community-based business the proposal would seriously affect us. We provide a service for the community and HGV drivers and are proud to do so.”

Resident Graham Westerman said: “Some of the issues raised I do agree with, like HGVs parking near residential property.

“But some lorries only park here because either the lorry park is full or by law they have to stop and park up within a specified time scale, so on some occasions it is not by choice they park there.

“A recent example of banning HGVs is Pontefract where town centre pubs and food outlets have seen a dramatic downturn in trade.

“Stopping HGVs from entering Wetherby will cause the same problems. There has to be a compromise.”

Coun Chapman told the Wetherby News this week vehicles parking in the town is fine, but driving through Wetherby isn’t necessary.

HGVs parked at the top of Sandbeck Lane would break the law if they either leave or enter it via Deighton Road where there is already a ban.

However, because it is often impossible to turn around in the middle of the road in a lorry, the illegal turn is the only option left open to drivers.

“Vehicles parked legally on Sandbeck Estate are no problem as far as I am concerned so long as they are not parked outside any domestic properties,” he said.

“My overall concern was why do we let HGVs come over the town bridge and through the town and then end up with an HGV ban sign on Deighton Road when they get to Sandbeck Lane?

“Surely they should come around our ring road to miss the town centre or visit Sandbeck industrial estate. We need a ban on HGV traffic from the Mercure Roundabout.”

HGVs are discussed with other matters at town council meetings on the second Tuesday of every month in the Methodist Church. They are open to the public.