Have your say: A1 crash prompts call for safety barriers

Geoffrey Eason with the fence broken by a car coming off the A1 between Boston Spa and Clifford.  (130110M2)
Geoffrey Eason with the fence broken by a car coming off the A1 between Boston Spa and Clifford. (130110M2)

A concerned resident has renewed his calls for action to make a well used footpath safe following last week’s crash on the A1.

Geoffrey Eason, of Wetherby, said the incident which saw two lorries in collision last Tuesday and closed the major route southbound between Wetherby and Boston Spa highlights his theory that lives are in danger.

“This accident proved exactly the vulnerability of walkers and users of the footpath that runs alongside the A1,” said Mr Eason.

“I’ve been to look at where the accident was last week and if the lorries had gone a few feet further they would have been down the embankment and through the fence.

“The fence is wooden and that wouldn’t be enough to have stopped these lorries.”

Mr Eason added: “I have pointed this out to people and they just don’t realise the dangers.

“When they do realise they are horrified.”

The retired motor mechanic with Leeds City Council last year voiced his fears about the asphalt footpath which runs from Boston Spa to Bramham, after two cars came off the A1 and went through the wooden fence after crossing the path.

The 64-year-old of Autumn Avenue regularly walks his eight-year-old labrador Alfie along the path and knows the route well.

“It is about four feet below the level of the motorway and there are no barriers, only a wooden fence between the road and footpath,” he added.

“If a vehicle came off the A1, at the speeds they travel along there, they would be airborne or rolling.

“I have spoken to people who use the path about the dangers and when they think about it they are horrified and feel really vulnerable.”

He added: “We need barriers between the A1 and the path.”

But a Highways Agency spokesman this week told the Wetherby News: “The wooden fencing on the verge of the A1M between Wetherby and Boston Spa is to mark the Highways Agency boundary and is not a vehicle restraint barrier.

“Current motorway design standards do not require a vehicle restraint barrier to be provided along the verge at this location, and there are no plans to provide such barriers.”

Last week’s crash, in the early hours of Tuesday, caused southbound traffic to be diverted through Wetherby while emergency crews from across the area attended the scene.

Three people were trapped in the wreckage and were taken to hospital suffering injuries.

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