Thorp Arch and Walton Yorkshire Countrywomen’s Association

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The meeting for July was held at the Pax in Thorp Arch as the school was double booked for the evening.

Sarah introduced Michelle our speaker for the evening, who gave a very interesting talk about Duttons for Buttons. The first shop in Leeds was opened in 1906. There are now three shops in Harrogate, York and Ilkley. Mail order is world wide and they also provide buttons for films and TV plays etc. In the 19th century it was only wealthy men who wore buttons. Buttons were made in the 13th century but it was an 11 year apprenticeship. In 1520 King Francis wore 13,000 buttons to decorate his clothes. The Amish people are not allowed to wear buttons and Matthew Boulton of Wedgewood in Birmingham made them in china.

A vote of thanks was given by Christine Truman for the most interesting talk which Michelle illustrated by pictures and samples she had brought with her. Some of the prettiest buttons were covered in silk and all different kinds of materials.

The meeting then began with the Minutes read by Judith in Gina’s absence. Norma took the posy bowl and the raffle was won by Linda Porter. In Matters Arising, thanks were given to Patsy and Christine for arranging the trip to see the lovely garden followed by a delicious meal. £600 was made for the Bluebell Trust, the Children’s Hospice that Tim and Margaret support. Christine is taking names and £14 for a trip to the Dales on September 27th. Items to go to Tockwith Show were discussed and could be taken to Pauline Roth’s house. The next meeing will be held on September 18th.