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Scarcroft WI: the September meeting took place at the village hall. New members Mrs Swain, Mrs Wright, Mrs Uppington, Mrs Brent, Mrs Murray, Mrs Kuster, Mrs Newall. Chairlady Mrs Reeves introduced the speaker Richard Chapman and his talk Luck Personal Story. 25 years ago leading a normal life, married, two children playing sport, golf with a bright future ahead. 23 years ago he lost his sight to diabetes, lucky to be here. Blindness is not an illness. On dialysis at St James, due to renal failure insulin injections. Strict diet, couldn’t walk or go up stairs, spent a lot of time in bed, not well. September 24 1992, 21 years ago St James phoned telling him to go straight away, Blood test Saturday with wife. Kidney pancreas operation talk to surgeons risk 40 to 60 chance. A difficult decision to make within 20 mins half hour, that quick. Richard Chapman successful operation. No dialysis, now kidney function normal, No insulin injections. He now has his fit and active guide dog, my companion, best dog in the world, it can take him anywhere, shops and knows its way to the bakery. At home he has a special computer for his blindness. Giving talks on his life to groups, has been on radio, TV. Thanks for a wonderful talk by Richard were given by Margaret Midgley. Future events AGM October 10; October 10 fashion show at Shadwell 2pm, cost £3. The trip to Chatsworth now full. December 2 Tommy Steele at the Grand Theatre. Next meeting Thursday, October 10.

Scarcroft flower Show: Scarcroft Show Society held the annual flower show at the Scarcroft Village Hall. Well attended. There was some wonderful entries, flowers, children’s and family section, photographs, sewing and cooking, and a very good raffle. The Women’s Institute made the committee and judges lunches. Chairman Graham Shayler thanked everybody for attending and helping in any way. Susan Wilson the secretary announced the winners and presented the trophies. The auction of produce concluded the show. Scarcroft being the last of the village shows, looking forward to next years flower shows.

Scarcroft Parish Council: the September meeting of the parish council took place at the village hall, Apologies were received. The Police Community Constable Tiff reported only one criminal incident and a couple of speeding cases. We are very fortunate to have such a low crime rate. Roger Shirley, leader of the development plan historic sites team gave an update on the Leeds City Council Conservation revised area, unfortunately the Leeds conservation officer Matt Bentley was unable to attend. The letter sent by the Scarcroft Parish Council to Scarcroft residents living in Bardsey Parish area within Scarcroft Village regarding the rationalisation of the parish boundary anomaly was noted. Five planning applications were discussed and comments sent to the planners. Details regarding the clerks salary and working hours were agreed. Various organisational matters were dealt with, dates of additional meetings, communication and complaints policy and to consider current insurance cover. Finance was dealt with accounts due for payment dealt with. Coun Ruth Middleton gave a report on the development group progress. Village hall reports were received. The adjoining field is now accessed with construction of a ramp. The family day held at the hall on September 8 was successful. A grant has been applied for the Christmas tree on the New Inn Green. The receipt of various publications was noted. Next parish council meeting on October 14.

New houses off Wetherby Road: work has now commenced on the Carla Homes housing development, the latter part of the Meadows estate. Originally planned to exit onto Thorner lane, but now onto the A58 Wetherby Road. Please take extra care on the Wetherby Road, with parked vehicles and heavy traffic slowing and turning into the site.