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Bardsey Church Patronal Festival: Scarcroft members of the Bardsey All Hallows Church congregation along with the congregations from St Mary and the Methodist Chapel at East Keswick attended the Patronal Festival on Sunday. The service was conducted by Father David Stevens, Area Dean of Allerton and including singing by the Bardek Choir, communion was taken. Following coffee in the church all proceeded to the village hall for a sit down two course meal. A large selection of casseroles was on the menu with wine followed by a wide choice of sweets and completed by cheese, biscuits and coffee. all prepared by volunteer ladies. Thanks to all who made the enjoyable event possible.

Scarcroft Ladies Luncheon Club: Monday saw the Scarcroft Ladies Luncheon Club at the Scarcroft Village Hall for the monthly luncheon, as usual laid on by Mary Fowler and her staff. Judith Oxer introduced Jason Freeman and his wife Jane who brought along a large selection jumpers, caps, handbags and clothes of all sorts at affordable prices. Jason and was thanked by Margaret Midgley. The December meeting on Monday, December 2 is the Christmas party, together with music and songs. Everyone is to bring an exchange present.

Drain blockage: the main drain from the Manor Park houses comes across, under the Scarcroft Village Hall car park to a right angled bend at the hall entrance alongside the footpath, on Wetherby Road. This bend manhole has always been a source of blockage and as the village hall drain grate is lower, therefore all the blocked flow pours up out of this, flooding the roadway and into boiler room under the building causing clean up problems. This has been mitigated by cutting escape gaps in the kerbs into the field and fitting a raised concrete door threshold. In spite of various drain improvement efforts and Yorkshire Water inspecting the problem manhole regularly, it still can block, as it did again this week. The main problem is build up of fat, tipped down drains. Yorkshire Water asks that you make sure all waste fat and cooking oil are deposed of properly, not down the nearest drain.

A fox in Scarcroft: having got up at 4am, took a look out of the front window and spotted a movement beyond the hedge, and next saw a large fox slowly trotting its way down the footpath alongside the A58, Wetherby Road, nothing much else about at that time!

Scarcroft Parish Council: the parish council meet at the Scarcroft Village Hall on Monday, November 18 at 7.30pm.