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The Church of St Joseph and St James Follifoot: there will be no service on Sunday, July 14.

Kerbside recycling: at Follifoot will be on Wednesday, July 17.

Crime figures: from May 16 until June 18 there was one detected crime recorded in Follifoot. Doorstep salesmen are still operating in the area and the police advise that you should not buy from them and inform the police immediately. Neighbourhood watch schemes could set up a no cold calling zone in conjunction with North Yorkshire Trading Standards. The police can be contacted on 101 or by email

Follifoot school’s: topic for this term is Africa. Eagle Owls have particularly enjoyed their biography work, linked to Nelson Mandela. Little Owls have begun to think about Africa and have tasted some of the fruit that grows there. In literature they have used their writing skills to recount their own experiences and have explored number patterns and sequences in mathematics.

Follifoot Cricket Club: Ann Townsend said a massive thank you to everyone who turned up with filled jars for the jarbola, she had started to put tickets on and they have 42 so far, a great effort for the Big Picnic in the Valley Gardens