Initiative to make Wetherby the talk of Twitter

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An initiative to make Wetherby the talk of Twitter has boosted the town’s profile, its founders say.

Marketing specialist Jo Maltby came up with Wetherby Hour - an attempt to get Twitter users to mention the town and enable business people in the area to connect - last January.

Every Tuesday between 8 and 9pm people on the social media site are encouraged to use the hashtag #wetherbyhour to discuss what’s happening.

Live events are also held to promote businesses.

Ms Maltby said tweets relating to the initiative were being seen by more than one million people a month.

She added: “This is a great platform for every form of industry to be heard, including charities, education, sports associations.

“I am so proud of our beautiful historic town and we are extremely lucky to have such a diverse business mix on our doorstep.

“Supporting our local independents not only helps to keep the unemployment levels down but keeps our hard earned money in our community. The power is in our hands to shape a brighter future for Wetherby.”

Local celebrities such as Christine Talbot, Harry Gration, and Richard Mathers have joined in.




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