Feline fine, Jess the cat nears grand old age of 26

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Cat lover Jennifer Daniels is wondering if she is the proud owner of the oldest cat alive.

Record books officially declare 24-year-old Poppy, of Bournemouth, the longest living but black and white feline Jess is 25 and nearing his 26th birthday.

NAWN 1406039AM1 Jess the 26 years old cat with owner Jennifer Daniels and her grandson Callum Thompson (9). (1406039AM1)

NAWN 1406039AM1 Jess the 26 years old cat with owner Jennifer Daniels and her grandson Callum Thompson (9). (1406039AM1)

Jennifer, who works in Morrisons, said: “I wondered if anyone has a cat of a similar age.”

Her curiosity took her to the doorstep of officials at the Guinness World Records but she had a change of heart when faced with the method of proof.

“We phoned the Guinness World Records but they said we would have to provide physical evidence and that would involve a blood test.

“I just couldn’t put him through that discomfort for the sake of my vanity.”

Jennifer, of Poplar Avenue, adopted Jess from a neighbour who was moving home 17 years ago and rescued him from being taken to the RSPCA.

“I just couldn’t see him go to a shelter as he is such a lovely natured cat,” added Jennifer.

“The thought that he could have been put down was horrible.”

Jess is the picture of health for his grand old age which is equivalent to about 115 human years and has regular check ups at the vets.

He has also been enjoying a healthy diet as he has been sharing his 15-year-old brother’s diabetic cat food until Lewis died on Monday this week.

Jennifer added: “We were very sad when Lewis died this week. He was a very good old age.

“But Jess certainly seemed to be thriving on the diabetic cat food.

“He is a little bit arthritic and just does his own thing.

“He sleeps quite alot, as does any old man, but can be fairly playful and likes nothing more than to be curled up on a warm knee.”

Tortoishell cat Poppy took over the title of oldest living cat last year when previous record holder Pinky, from Kansas in America, died aged 23.

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