Local MP backs children’s heart unit

The campaign to save the Leeds General Infirmary child heart unit has received the enduring support of local MP for Wethebry, Alec Shelbrooke.

Despite the future of the unit being in the hands of an independent primary care trust, MPs across Leeds have been lobbying for the future of the unit at the LGI.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Alec said “Leeds is not only central but has been described as the motorway city. It also has excellent rail links which makes speedy access to the hospital possible.”

In a later debate, Alec drew reference to the success of the cross party stance on this emotive issue and praised the homogenous approach of the House of Commons in highlighting the inadequacies of the review.

After visiting the unit in July last year, Alec teamed up with Leeds MPs to push the campaign forward. A 500,000 strong petition was delivered to Downing Street by Alec and fellow campaigners.

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