‘Grave concerns’ over Billy Burton’s health

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FRIENDS of imprisoned Wetherby man Billy Burton say they are “gravely concerned” about his health.

Billy was hospitalised a few weeks ago as his health continues to deteriorate in the Philippines’ Bilibid jail.

He has undergone cardio-pulmonrary and blood tests, x-rays, CT scans, ECG and an RI scan for severe bone and joint pains in an external hospital which resulted in the surgical team operating on him.

His respiratory functions are also of serious concern to the doctors, who carried out the tests and treatment; all of which have been paid for from Billy’s own limited funds.

Billy’s cousin Angela Morris said: “Billy cannot be allowed to suffer in this way, it is just inhumane, it is both physical and mental torture,”

Meanwhile, supporters of Billy’s bid for freedom have expressed their frustration over delays in his fight for clemency.

Despite securing the backing of Minister of State Jeremy Browne, the Embassy in the Philippines is not responding to campaigners request for information on his clemency application.

Campaign leader Guy Tweedy said there has been no information from the Board of Pardons.

He has been telephoning the Embassy constantly and to date has received only one phone message to say they are trying to investigate the conditions of the building which Billy is currently living in.

“This is a nonsense and completely inadequate,” said Mr Tweedy.

The Free Billy Burton campaign, supported by the WetherbyNews,is calling for the public to support Billy once again by sending letters to the Filipino President and the British Embassy to press for justice.

A Foreign Office spokes person said they were aware of the case and were providing consular assistance.

To join in with campaign activity go towww.freebillyburton.com or e-mail Billy’s cousin direct angela@fluidmarketing.com