Tadcaster triplets off to university after exam success

Tadcaster triplets Alexander, Lauren, and James Morrall with Tadcaster Grammar headteacher Geoff Mitchell. (S)

Tadcaster triplets Alexander, Lauren, and James Morrall with Tadcaster Grammar headteacher Geoff Mitchell. (S)

Triplets from Tadcaster who featured in the Wetherby News just weeks after they were born are again the focus of attention now they have completed their A levels.

Lauren, Alexander, and James Morrall have now officially said goodbye to Tadcaster Grammar and will soon be setting off to university.

Though they are triplets, however, they studied wholly separate subjects at the school’s sixth form and are taking very different paths to higher education.

Their mum Laura said: “They did study very different subjects and are going on to do different things, but they’re not identical triplets in any way. They are three kids that happened to be born on the same day.”

After completing nine A levels between them, Lauren is going to Keele University to read law, her brother Alexander is moving to the University of Warwick to read English literature and drama, and James will be at the University of St Andrews reading medicine.

This has caused understandable feelings of pride for parents Laura and Richard.

Laura said: “They are over the moon with their results because they have all got into their first choice universities and we are very proud.

“From the day they started school they have never stopped and have really pushed themselves to be hardworking and conscientious.

“Me and Richard both left school straight away and didn’t even do A levels, but we always encouraged them when they were very very small with academics because we used to say education will give you options.”

Mrs Morrall also spoke about her feelings now the time is soon coming for the triplets to move out and start their lives in new cities away from home.

“It will be a mixed emotion for me when they leave home but I am trying to keep a lid on it,” she said.

“If I’m honest they will miss each other more than anybody else because they are triplets obviously but they are best friends as well.”

And the Tadcaster Grammar itself is very much in the family’s mind as Lauren, Alexander, and James say goodbye for the last time.

Laura said: “I would put quite a lot of their success down to the school. All the years we have been going to parents’ evenings we have seen a lot of teachers and they are very focused on the kids achieving as much as they can.

“They worked really hard for the kids achieve their potential. In the sixth form the teachers have gone above and beyond the call of duty and they are a consistent source of support.”




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