Speed warning to motorists as police take to area roads

PCSO Dan Sillers checks traffic speeds in the Wetherby area. (S)
PCSO Dan Sillers checks traffic speeds in the Wetherby area. (S)

Motorists have been warned to check their speeds before police clock them.

Wetherby Neighbourhood Police Team (NPT) officers and Roads Policing Teams are out and about though Wetherby and surrounding villages with new speed recording equipment.

PCSO Dan Sillers warned: “Although school’s may be closed, and rural roads seem a little quieter during the summer months, there are still dangers out whereever you may be driving.

“Children may be playing in gardens, and kick a football out onto the road, local sporting events and gala’s may be taking place, the farming community are transporting large machinery and crops between fields and farms, our local and rural roads are busier than ever.”

“We still receive reports from the public to accidents and vehicles speeding along residential roads.”

He added: “When you see Wetherby NPT Officers with this equipment, you may not be stopped at the time, however, if you are caught exceeding the speed limit on the road you are driving on, you will either be sent communication through the post notifying you of your speeding, or in some cases you may even be visited personally.”